Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Consoling myself

Lately, I like to do some messy sketching everywhere. More precisely in my note book. I'm a person who can't keep quite when in the class or meeting room. My hands always wanna do something with book and pen. Sketching, drawing.. just doodling.

Sometimes I like to watch (not play, because I restricted to touch!) my brother Fuad's toys, Gundam. And the last I found best rules How To Work Better from magazine at office's library. Nice.

Consoling myself after a week leaved by my older uncle passed away, I need some happiness for cheering me up. My bestie Bunga loved to go to Japan. Last moment she went there, she bought me some toys with popular brand for mini toy collector, Re-ment. She bought me 4 packed, randomly with various themes. For example like Disney, Sanrio, etc. I've got the Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Rilakumma ( a character from Sanrio).

And this is some video tutorial how to play with Re-ment Toys. Be careful!! it's ADDICTIVE <3

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