Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Day I Have Been White


Wow! It's been very berry long time since last July I never been posted anything!
It's a cliche, busy busy busy with my kind of business thing. Get a promotion again (Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah :)) ), so much fun & desperate things I was thinking about hehehee... yea, since I joined Greenpeace Indonesia, I had new business, to be an activist, but not just in action, but also by social media. I just realized, still, there's so many people didn't know about Greenpeace, a non-profit government organization which had offices in 80 countries around the world. People nowadays didn't like something pushy, something what you offered then pushing them to like the way we did. So I always shared about Greenpeace's act from twitter, facebook by their fanpage, and also what I concern about this earth. Later I'll be post about Greenpeace act. But now I'm gonna share about my other hobby about playing costume, a.k.a cosplay.

I like to be a cosplay person. 
Play with the costumes, to be the role I like.
I never doing any cosplay again since last 2006. (just counting with my fingers...) 8 years ago! WOW! Very antique! ;D 

I choose Hellofest 9 Anima Expo as my "comeback" in cosplay. Why? Because the event was so happening. And is not just for Japan Culture fans, but also for art, imaginary and fantasy lovers. Like Star Wars, Si Juki (original local character) and much more. 

I cosplay-ed as Shironuri Girl, which was a sub-culture from Lolita. Basically it wasn't just Lolita, you can be anything with Shironuri, but maybe close with Lolita and Gothic, or Nature. just like Minori, one of Shironuri Artist from Japan, the inpiration of us (me and Rachma, my Shironuri partner). For Minori info, you may check here.

I want to tell the story behind the making of Shironuri Cosplay. It was prepare 1 month ago, and we back-to-back again to Mangga Dua searching Shironuri's stuffs. But for the costumes were already done. I still have my old collection (the non-sold dresses) about Lolita dress. So we just need to complete our supporting accessories, like hat, flower crown, shoes, hand-gloves, make-up.... so much! :)

Last Sunday (10/11) was our great day. We pray the day before Sunday, hoping for the rain will not coming down at Sunday. And alhamdulillah, Allah listened our pray! Sunday just exactly the right name, Day with the Sun! 

We did make-up about 2 hours, and ready to mingle to the crowds, and people so much gave us attention :D most people commented about our costumes and the make up was scary... but cool, awesome, great, various! Yes absolutely we are so happy to hear that :) and then, I got shocked by one of Hellomasa (crowd people at Hellofest) who took photos with us, its Dian Pelangi! I am very shocked, but feels sooo terrified. Just feel out of my mind... since I adore her artworks in Fashion and Hijabella Magazine. She said that our costumes really cool, and I beg to her husband for taking us picture with her also. Feel... amazed :)

Well then, we pretty tired so we ended our "show" at 7 p.m. We coming home without hear the winners of the Kostumasa. Me and Rachma were not feel so disappointed by our lose. What we looking for is just happiness to be the part of Hellofest 9 :) Hellofest is annual event, so it maybe held again for next year, but we didn't know, we're gonna be cosplayers again or not. Hehehee...

So this is our photos along the Hellofest 9! also, you may check at Youtube link about our activity there :D


This is my application for Kostumasa Costreet category

(Rachma) Sou with her total look

Us with lovely Hellomasa, Dian Pelangi <3

With author of Sang Sayur comic, Miss Shirley SYS. I am a fan of her art since 2007 :D and her comic won Bronze Medal in International Manga Award! awesome!

With Bang Fazza Meonk, the creator of Si Juki, the anti-mainstream fictional character :D

We didn't mean to intend the sponsor, but we are at simPATI booth

The souvenirs from Hellofest 9, belongs to my brother and me. re:ON & Sang Sayur are local books, made by local artists. Indonesia proud!

Thanks to my brother Fuad, Sou and her brother too!
and don't forget to watch my mini movie about Shironuri at Hellofest 9 :)

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  1. I saw the news about this event on tv, those make up, wow

    1. wow, thanks! I even didn't watch the reports on tv yet :)


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