Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Fundamental of Art

To be health is expensive!
And when it becomes detrimental to the sick person valuable time, because too much is missed. So last Sunday I'll take my time to do sport at Senayan with my bestie Astrid and her cousin, Gia and Arum. Sport like jogging track, aerobic time, and most important is breathing deeply a fresh air in the morning. I never, I mean I rare to do breathing fresh air in the morning. So this Sunday is really precious time for me and my friends. To be honest, I dislike sport =_=... because it getting me tired off... hehee..

from below to above : red converse-me, white sneakers-arum, black white stripes-astrid, white sneakers-gia

Sport is really important. Especially now that I was doing some training in acting, which requires physically fit for an agile voice and body. So when after I did sport, I felt so strong and clearly mind to catch the lesson :) haha... overeacting :D

my mates at SAS (Sakti Acting Studio) <3

And in the end at last lessons of the class, we had like a final exam is.. to do MONOLOGUE ! Oh my...! 
Hope we can do it well. We support each others :)

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